Grinding wheels for medical engineering by MACH ROTEC®

Grinding wheels for medical engineering by MACH ROTEC

Highest grinding quality and precision

Processing highly sensitive and damageable implants in medical engineering requires special quality and precision in the grinding process. These implants must meet the highest standards in order to function in future day-to-day series production. Materials made of high-alloy, stainless steel with high chrome content are used, requiring specially aligned MACH CBN 2.0 grinding layers. We offer specifications for pre-machining for highest removal performance and long lifetimes with our grinding wheels.

Knee implants

Preparing the cast material for knee implants requires high cutting efficiency with little wear (i.e. long wheel lifetime). This, combined with as little heat input as possible to keep the thermal component bracing low, requires very rapid-cutting MACH CBN 2.0 grinding layers. The grinding processes reach cutting speeds of up to 140 m/s during highly demanding feeds.

Products: MACH WHEEL // MACH CBN 2.0

Hip implants

Similar to knee implants, hip implants also use cobalt, chrome and titanium alloys. These are among the materials that are difficult to machine and therefore subject the MACH CBN 2.0 grinding layers to high demands. Due to our many years of experience, we are able to offer finished products including process parameters for this field.

Products: MACH WHEEL // MACH CBN 2.0

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Knee implants

MACH wheel MD0186

Grinding use - implants

Knee implants

Find grinding wheels for medical engineering for highly different fields of application at MACH ROTEC. We will be happy to manufacture medical grinding wheels meeting your process requirements and are looking forward to your enquiry.


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