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    MACH FLANGES made of carbon

    Product properties


    Up to 70% lighter than steel
    Up to 40% lighter than aluminium


    Up to 6 to 8 times higher damping
    than with steel


    0.1 to 1 MACH
    20 m/s to 200 m/s

    Product properties


    >> Dimensions: ø200 – ø500 mm

    >> Weight: 70% less than steel / 40% less than aluminium

    >> Damping: 6 to 8 times higher damping than steel

    >> Speed: 0.1 to 0.6 MACH (20 - 200 m/s)

    Targeted weight reduction at higher damping volume

    Massive-steel grinding wheel flanges are generally used for all grinding machines. This construction method makes it possible to reduce the total weight considerably while increasing the damping volume at the same time thanks to the use of highly damping and very light MACH FLANGES made of carbon. The contact surfaces to the spindle are finished with high-strength steel inserts protecting the highly damping fibre composite from mechanical overloading. The combination of MACH FLANGES and tried and tested MACH ROTEC® fibre composite wheel bodies is the optimum when it comes to achieving the lowest weight at maximum damping. MACH FLANGES are generally produced specifically in accordance with customer requests and impress with their high level of user friendliness due to their low weight.

    MACH FLANGES made of carbon have been part of our programme since 2011 allowing us to consult you with corresponding expertise. We will be happy to put together a suitable MACH FLANGE for your grinding application and help you to put them into service on site. Best send us an enquiry today!

    MACH FLANSCHE - Our products used in grinding applications


    MACH FLANGE ø380 including spindle arbour

    MACH FLANGE for corundum wheels

    MACH FLANGE with steel insert


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