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    CBN grinding wheel MACH Trommel

    Product properties




    Up to 80% lighter than steel
    Up to 40% lighter than aluminium
    Up to 40% lighter than corundum

    Up to 8 to 10 times higher damping
    than with steel/aluminium

    0.1 to 1 MACH
    20 m/s to 180 m/s

    Product properties



    >> Dimensions: ø300 - ø600 mm at a length of approx. 600 mm

    >> Weight: 80% less than steel / 40% less than aluminium

    >> Damping: 8 to 10 times higher damping than steel

    >> Speed: 0.1 to 0.6 MACH (20 - 180 m/s)

    MACH CBN grinding wheel for centreless applications

    Als The name MACH TROMMEL stands for very wide MACH CBN grinding wheels used for centreless applications (plunge grinding or through-feed grinding). The technology is based on the tried and tested MACH ROTEC® carbon wheel body, which stands out with its lowest weight at maximum damping and highest intervention time. Due to the voluminous wheel geometry, the damping & weight advantage have a particular effect in this case. Depending on customer requirements, we also offer a variant with NBR ring or steel insert in the clamping area.

    MACH TROMMEL products have been in series grinding use since 2014, which is why we have access to relevant process data. We will be happy to design a MACH TROMMEL for your grinding application and are able to support you during process implementation with the corresponding grinding expertise of our MACH grinding technologies. We are looking forward to your enquiry.

    MACH TROMMEL - Our products used for grinding applications

    Gear shaft


    MACH Trommel including BOX

    Cam shaft - MACH TROMMEL


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