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    CBN grinding wheel MACH WHEEL by MACH ROTEC®

    MACH CBN grinding wheel MACH WHEEL

    Product properties




    Up to 90% lighter than steel
    Up to 50% lighter than aluminium
    Up to 50% lighter than corundum

    Up to 10 times higher damping
    than with steel/aluminium

    0.1 to 1 MACH
    20 m/s to 300 m/s




    >> Development & production of the MACH CBN grinding wheel from a single source
    >> Weight: 90% lighter than steel / 50% lighter than aluminium
    >> Damping: 10 times higher damping than with steel
    >> Speed: 0.1 to 1 MACH (20 - 300 m/s)
    >> Dimensions: ø200 to larger than ø1000 mm

    MACH CBN grinding wheel based on MACH CARBON wheel bodies

    Manufactured in-house, our specially developed MACH CARBON wheel body, which stands out due to lowest weight and maximum damping and highest intervention times, is the foundation of all our MACH WHEEL products. Conventional CBN grinding wheels, however, are usually operated with steel carriers, which are distinguished by their high weight and low damping capabilities.

    Depending on the requirements for the carbon grinding wheel, we offer various performance levels differing in damping capabilities and stability/rigidity against lateral grinding forces (shoulder grinding). We choose the fitting MACH wheel hub for you based on the process instructions.


    The following MACH wheel bodiy types are available:

    The experience of over ten years of MACH carrier development, combined with MACH CBN 2.0 grinding layers manufactured in-house and developed specifically for these properties, guarantees optimum grinding performance, offering the user a highly efficient grinding process.


    MACH WHEEL - our products used in grinding processes

    Ball screw - ø450mm

    Crank shaft grinding - ø500mm

    MACH BOX - ø500mm

    Crank shaft grinding - ø700mm

    You’d like to find out more about the MACH CBN grinding wheel MACH WHEEL and would like us to advise you personally? We are looking forward to your enquiry!


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