MACH CBN 2.0 grinding layers

MACH CBN grinding wheels and CBN grinding layers

Development - manufacturing - quality control

Raw materials


Quality control

CBN & DIA - graining types
>> All graining sizes
>> Various stabilities

U-profile / L-profile
Angle profile / Special profile
Multi-zone segments

100% control of each segment
Specification changes measurable

MACH CBN 2.0: manufacturing & development

Our MACH CBN 2.0 grinding layers for MACH CBN grinding wheels are developed and produced on-site. We have worked exclusively with especially manufactured CBN/DIA grinding layers, which are aligned and optimised on a constant basis, since 2012.

In order to ensure consistent/repeatable quality at the highest level, the raw materials to be processed and the finished grinding segments are checked on a constant basis. The special feature of the carbon grinding wheels and CBN grinding layers is that they are especially designed and adapted to the damping properties of the MACH wheel bodies.

MACH segment shapes

In terms of segment shape, we manufacture all known geometric shapes on-site. We have the necessary expertise for how each individual geometric shape can be manufactured optimally.
>> U-profile / L-profile / angle profile / etc.
>> Ring shape / segment shape
Additionally, we can use targeted mixing allocations to manufacture what are known as multi-zone segments. This is necessary in particular for grinding applications with different surface properties (diameter grinding & shoulder ginding).


MACH segment analysis

In order to guarantee consistent quality, we check our segments after the manufacturing process. For this purpose, we inspect each individual segment for stability, weight and dimensions.
>> 100% inspection of each segment
>> Specification changes measurable
>> Consistent quality records

Graining analysis

Consistent raw material quality is decisive for being able to reproduce the layers. All raw materials for MACH CBN 2.0 layers for MACH CBN grinding wheels are checked for:
>> Graining geometry & size
>> Consistent graining quality

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